GECKO - Beyond the gravity force

Gecko is a unique adhesive pad for the twenty first century motor vehicle! It cares for your safety and comfort by holding small objects such as mobile phones, glasses, MP3 players, pens, flyers, coins etc. from moving, holding them magically to the pad. See for yourself, that the Gecko pad will assist you in everyday situations - just put the Gecko on the dashboard or other plastic surface and try it out!!! Gecko pad will safely hold most of small things while the motor vehicle is on the move.

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GECKO – new advertising tool

The Gecko is an efficient support in advertising and promotional campaigns. This gadget guarantees your company that users will remember & identify with your logo. Being used in cars, taxis, caravans, buses, boats and ships, the Gecko is usually well exposed on the dashboards and clearly visible through the windows. That's why the Gecko pad is an eye-catcher and attractive marketing medium, not only for the drivers and their passengers, but also for the people driving or passing by!

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